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Richter Rubber Technology Sdn. Bhd. 
Richter Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
Why we are here

Our visionary man, Klaus Richter, believes in his work Philosophy “Pure and Simple” made the difference between him and the other condom  factories by understanding how important is to have a strong, trustful, direct, open and honest relationship with all the customers; which gives us a sense of doing business with people that become our friends and family, what we believe goes beyond making money.

Who we are

We are a workforce of 550 people inspired by a work 
philosophy that guides our professional behavior. 
We promote a strong, reliable, and honest working relationship, 
emphasizing effective communication and harmony in our dealings 
with clients, suppliers, and employees. We distinguish ourselves 
by employing work dynamics characterized by clarity and transparency. 
We firmly believe that a robust, reliable, open, and honest working 
relationship is the essence of our company's soul."


We are confident that our rrt. WORK PHILOSOPHY harmonize the relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees; we distinguish ourselves for using work dynamics sustained with clarity and transparency; we believe that a strong, reliable, open and honest working relationship gives meaning to our “Company soul”.

Pure & Simple

Philosophy that guides the working behavior, promoting a strong, reliable and honest working relationship; Its guiding values:


We hire our people and we do business with people we trust and believe in. Every step our people are making is knowing who we are with a deep sense from heart and mind who we are.


We want our people, customers, suppliers and community to be inspired by “a force for good” enriching their creativity to inspire others.​

Open & Direct

Communication philosophy to achieve an open and direct working relationship; its guiding values:


To contribute to others, we must lead ourselves by honesty and justice in all the actions we take


Our employees, community and customers are our main meaning to be better at our things, committed on delivering a reliable product.


For us leadership does not mean having a position but a sense of courage to lead for a better future.

Pioneers Since 1928


Strive daily to be a positive influence with ourselves, with co-workers and the environment; together move forward to be the condom company with VALUE AND MEANING in the world, delivering a different message from the rest.


Each person makes magic to fulfill our fundamental values, working efficiently, in union every day we reach the next level to improve.


Our culture nurtures self-development and professional growth, focus on excellence and build with quality with a 66/99 VISION.

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